5 Best Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews [2021]

A hectic day with tremendous workload demands something very soothing and relaxing towards the end. Thus, a massage chair can certainly deliver such kind of feeling through its operations.

This article will particularly establish a focus on the massage chairs from the house of Human Touch.

The Human Touch Massage Chairs are designed especially considering the design prospects along with highly satisfying massaging results.

Their main motto is not only to reduce the daily life stress but also to exhibit an eye-catching design for the same.

Here we are presenting four comprehensive Best Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews of 2021.

Do check out the list in the forthcoming segment.



Human Touch Wholebody 7.1

Human Touch Sana 

Human Touch Novo XT

Human Touch Super Novo

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

1. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 delivers a scintillating massaging experience to every muscle of our back body.

The overall experience gets multiplied when it delivers a soothing warm massage.

Some of the highlighting features of the chair include five massage auto-programs including Full, Upper, Lower, Relax, and Sleep massage experiences.

Other important features are warm air massage technology that supplies heat to the lower back area for deep penetrating massage.

The Warm-Air system provides the back and the lumbar region soothing warmth in order to compensate the body for a deep relaxation simulating the intensity of the massage with warm oil.

This at-home massager has a retractable Ottoman that quickly transforms into a foot and calf massage.

The 3D flex guide technology offers ultimate relaxation by providing a brilliant glide to the back.

This technology helps the massage chair to relax every corner of the body and alleviate pain and reduce all sorts of stress.

There is also a soft pillow that supports your neck and shoulder, ensuring that the massage is correctly organized.

You can personalize your software according to your needs with its BodyMap PRO feature.

The WholeBody Massage from Human touch provides comfort, refreshment, and recreation.

This chair achieves to be a part of the best human touch massage chair reviews list.

  • Wide range of functionalities.
  • Fully assembled in the box.
  • Not as comfortable compared to other available at this price range.
  • The size of the chair is sometimes not sufficient to contain persons of every height.

2. Human Touch Sana – Best Budget Pick

Make your mind, soul, and body feel more comfortable with the Sana Full Body Human Touch Massage Chair!

This luxury massage chair, which is built in an ergonomic way and offers you the convenience of your house, helps you to undergo a relaxing relaxation procedure.

It is equipped with cloud-based acupressure aircraft that leverage the body’s key points to alleviate tension, remove barriers, improve airflow, and promote equilibrium.

Apart from one of the most scintillating designs, Human touch Sana full body massage chair has got an innumerable offering for its customers.

Dual Lumbar Heat technology provides relaxing energy to the back and lowers back to calm involuntary muscle spasms and increasing knots.

This home massage device has a special S-and L-track configuration that allows zero seating.

This at-home massage system is designed with an innovative massage method.

The specially designed shape lines up your spine and elevates your legs to the healthiest position.

Integrated with roller trainers, which relax your foot and an extendable brace in your hip, which shifts to provide full-body comfort which helps you to fully immerse yourself in the recliner.

Add this brilliant product to your shopping cart to make your shopping experience the most memorable one.

  • 9 auto wellness programs.
  • 5 years limited warranty.
  • Mechanical arms rollers can seem slightly rough for someone new.

3. Human Touch Novo XT – Our Pick

best human touch massage chair

A chair that raises the stakes is the Human Touch Novo XT relaxation chair.

With an outstanding architecture and a superb performance, it provides a therapeutic massage that can be personalized to suit your lifestyle and make you feel and enjoy your best.

The Novo XT has a special unibody L-Track design that separates you with an enchanting style and superior feature, offering you a three-dimension massage across your entire back and throughout your gluten.

Develop yourself with five settings for personalized relaxation and three apps to soothe, loosen and rejuvenate the whole body.

Build your own customized massage experience with five levels of pressure and 3 deep-tissue massage systems to relax, distribute and rejuvenate the entire body.

Novo XT is the ideal way for you to conquer your daily ritual, whether you’re training for a tough exercise, rebound from a lingering injury or cool down at work after a busy day.

  • Fully assembled in the box.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Poor quality sound system.

4. Human Touch Super Novo

Enjoy your own robotic therapist experience with the Human Touch Super Novo massage chair.

Make your home your own relaxation hub and improve your well-being by using this luxurious massage chair.

The massage chair Novo is fitted with Alexa’s voice recognition. The adaptive system keeps your interests to determine your desires and deliver a massage customized to your needs.

With the Altec Lansing Premium sound device, you can perform or listen to the sound of nature with your favorite music and feel superior relaxing.

This includes 4-D applications that mimic a skilled massager’s look, and give you unlike anything you heard, the practical and most soothing massage.

The Dual-Loom Heat system offers heat on the back for nodal relaxation, tense muscles relax and pain relief.

You may also experience an ebook during a session that is calming. Its special track scheme S-and L guarantees that your whole body enjoys a rejuvenating treat.

This provides coverage from chest and back to buttocks.

It has a targeted aircraft that exerts pressure on key points of healing and manipulates your body to stretch the muscular and cure back pain and muscle damage.

Recover the warmth of your home and redefine how you relax with Human Touch Ultra Novo Massage Chair.

  • Easy operations
  • Great user flexibility.
  • Very expensive.

5. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0

The ZeroG 5.0 is a modernized chair of the Immersion Seating series from Human Touch and offers a variety of wonderful specifications, which are difficult to find in a chair so tiny in value.

Functionalities include a Body Map PRO guided massage, one-button press-and-hold zero gravity placement, a 3D massage system for changing the treatment, full calf-and-foot massages, a warm air heating device, an Ottoman rolling machine for covering the foot-and-calf tubes, and a spinning ottoman.

The massage is also more fully compliant with your body type and with additional body suit settings.

The zero-gravity feature in this chair is indeed the best in class considering its price point. It delivers utmost satisfying, soothing and rejuvenating massaging experience.

The vibrations from the foot and calf massage greatly improve the blood circulation in the lower extremities.

It can also be extended according to the height of the person. Moreover, the warm air technology provides rejuvenating massage to the tight muscles of the back.

Thereby reducing all sorts of knots and pain in that particular segment of the body.

This is a wonderful chair offering fantastic medicinal advantages and other including its easy functionality makes it one of the most wonderful choices in this price segment.

  • Best priced 3D massage chair.
  • Warm Air Massage.
  • Restricted height range.

Benefits of having a Human Touch massage chair

In the era of modernization, it is very popular to see people engaging in luxurious activities to soothe the soul and physique.

This fast pace of society has compelled a rational man to seek pleasure from different artificial objects.

One such object is the appliance of massage chairs, especially produced by the Human Touch that is engineered in the United States of America.

This industry has been into the business for over forty years, thereby delivering good quality and reliable products.

Some of the most popular massage chairs under this brand are Novo XT2 massage chair, NOVO XT massage chair, and NOVO massage chair.

These massage chairs are known to provide the best experience money can ever buy.

However, there are few scientific reasons which state that a massage chair is beneficial to a man in a number of ways.

The benefits offered by massage chairs, especially produced by the Human Touch industry are mentioned below.

1. Instant relieve from anxiety and stress

It is known to all that a massage can automatically reduce the level of stress and anxiety from the body which can improve a person’s level of productivity.

According to a study undertaken by the University of Miami, if an adult spends a minimum of 15 minutes in a massage chair, there is a chance of enhancement of EEG activity in the brain.

Massage chair has proved to lower the blood pressure as well as the heart rate, insulin, and cortisol level.

After a tiresome eventful day, all a man requires is a peaceful evening and a massage therapy. This is one of the business goals of the Human Touch industry.

2. Positive effect on cardiovascular health

There are several reports which show that a good massage can cure the cardiovascular health of a person if done with accuracy.

By reducing hypertension and hypersensitivity, it helps to control the level of blood pressure as well as the heart rate.

Human Touch massage chair ensures a better facility for a person to stay healthy and fit while enjoying the company of the loved ones nearby.

3. Heals pain in the lower back

One of the major cause of disability among adults and old people are the ignorance of their lower back pain.

Human Touch industry has come up with a definite technology that serves to relieve many patients from their lower backaches. This can help to avoid major surgeries if done under expert supervision.

However, it is important to consult a doctor prior to any major activity such as engaging with a massage chair.

4. Immunity booster and a great post-workout activity

A massage when done accurately can improve the flow of white blood cells that can aid to boost one’s immunity.

Massage chairs are one of the easiest ways to achieve that.

Similarly, it also acts as an excellent post-workout activity that can soothe the sore muscles and helps to calm down the muscles and manage a balanced flow of blood throughout the entire body.

5. A gateway to romance

The current fast-paced life has led to many unhappy individuals who complain about their reduced sex drive and libido.

There is no scientific evidence to link the sexual disorder with a massage.

However, since it can reduce stress and manage the level of cortisol and testosterone within the body, it can be assured that spending time with loved ones while enjoying the effects of a massage can rekindle the romance to a great extent.

Human Touch industry has proved to be successful in providing great quality products for more than 4 decades that ensure the betterment of Human life with minimal expenses.

They are responsible to make a man enjoy the luxury of a massage in the form of chairs at the desired location with the desired company.


To sum up we can say that Human Touch is one of the most established brands when it comes to massage chairs.

They have been very consistent in terms of delivering quality service to their customers for a very long period of time.

One should value this brand and redesign their massage chair desires with the ones of Human Touch.

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