9 Best Massage Chair Reviews – Top Picks of [2021]

Life nowadays has been a hundred manifold changes in terms of daily routines, workloads, and responsibilities.

Such alterations and modifications in lifestyle can ask for some sort of relaxation.

Thus, massages can serve as a source of relaxation for comfort seekers.

Such that, massage chairs stand out as a prominent source of delivering messages.

A massage chair operates mainly by mimicking the action of a human masseur.

Various other actions like pressing of thumb over the strained areas can be fulfilled by using roller equipped massage chairs.

Therefore, it will be very much interesting to dig out the working process of the same in the later sections of this guide.

Therefore, the best massage chair will be able to deliver a wide range of massage variations.

But, one is required to be very choosy while opting for the most desired product out of such abundance.

Thus, we are here to resolve your quandary with our most comprehensive best massage chair reviews of 2021.



Medical Breakthrough
6 v4

Kahuna LM6800

Infinity IT-8500 X3

Real Relax 2020

Kahuna SM-7300




Osaki OS-4000T

1. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 3D – Best Massage Chair

best massage chair

This massage chair from Medical breakthrough features in the world’s first and only chair offering a combo of Ancient Egyptian Massage, Japanese Shiatsu 3D Neck & Shoulder Massage, New Delhi Yoga Stretching, Swedish Air-cell Therapy, and Hawaiian Sleeping Massage.

Overall satisfaction with massages can be attained after a complete scanning, is conducted by this chair.

The chair is equipped with a full-body scan for adjusting the rollers according to the body shape for delivering the most soothing massage.

The zero-gravity feature delivers your load consistently across the chair so that you feel almost weightless, while you get a relaxing massage, to provide you a deep feeling of relief.

Moreover, with the introduction of the novel 3D L track, the chair is able to deliver relaxations to each and every point of the body brilliantly.

Overall, this is the best massage chair that can turn out to be one of the best pick from your cart with its impeccable features listed.

  • presence of highly optimized heating system ensures delivery of optimal massaging experience.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • 3D L-Track System
  • Zero Gravity Chair
  • Medical Body Scanning Therapy System
  • Heavy weight.

2. Kahuna LM6800 – Best Rated Massage Chair

The Kahuna LM6800 offers magnificent features considering its price upfront.

The massage chair comes equipped with a bundle load of facilities and lucrative specifications for its customers.

With the implementation of the L-Track method of massage, the chair covers almost every corner of the body with immense satisfaction.

The zero-gravity feature helps you to lie down with or near your heart with your legs weightlessly.

This is the best position to minimize physical stress and to enable the massage to be more intense.

Moreover, the presence of unique air cell massage technology performs all the tasks with supreme ease and silence.

Considering the price segment and with such an abundance of fully useful features, this is the best Rated Massage Chair.

  • Smaller recline area makes it fit in any sized room
  • L-track 4 Roller Massage System
  • Space Saving with Zero Gravity Positions
  • Advanced Air Cell Massage Technology
  • Brilliant after-sales support
  • Noise levels are actually on the higher side
  • Installation can render problems due to poor weight management of the product

3. Infinity IT-8500 X3 – Best Brand Massage Chair

Anyone taking massage with this massage chair from Infinity can enjoy any kind of massage ranging from light to deep tissue by pressing a simple button only.

The adjustment in the intensity level makes this one of the most opted massage chairs in the market.

Some of the major highlights of Infinity IT-8500 X3 are its super optimized 3D massaging, heated massages for sore muscles, modulating intensity levels with auto program technology, and elevated comfort levels with high back chairs.

Lastly, Infinity XT has undergone a tremendous change by incorporating Bluetooth technology and advanced upper body massage system for delivering a worth remembering massaging experience.

Honestly speaking, this chair deserves to be on the top checklist of best massage chairs.

Read our Infinity Massage Chair Reviews.

  • Five 3D Intensity Levels
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Soothe your tense back muscles with Lumbar Heat
  • Release spinal tension with the advanced upper body airbag system
  • Accu-Roll Shoulder Massage
  • Rough foot rollers.
  • No buttock massage.

4. Real Relax 2020 – Best Budget Massage Chair

The real relax 2020 can be a great choice as it offers some of the cool and handy features considering its price point.

Packing in a feature like full body massage, it stands out sparkling among various competitors. 

One of the essential features of this chair can be the fully customizable massaging experience with remote to set the speed and positions of the rollers and airbags.

The strength is also adjustable in three various strengths.

Moreover, the chairs also pack in Bluetooth audio support and changing led light feature, which can be the game changer in this segment.

Overall, the chair will not disappoint you at any point of time in terms of its operations.

  • Sustainable height range
  • Smart control and satisfying back massage support
  • Both roller and airbag massage to your foot
  • Built-in waist heater, promoet blood circulation
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Only for short persons.
  • No rollers for calves.

5. Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

This chair is made keeping in mind mainly about tall persons. But that doesn’t mean it can deliver comfort to the shorter ones.

This feature-packed chair can be considered as the undisputed champion in this segment.

The SM-7300 is smooth and easy to store due to its enhanced sliding function.

This massage chair is comfortable and ideal for broad and small people.

The massage chair is fitted with six infrared roller and more than 30 airbags for delivering the premium quality massage among the best massage chairs.

One should definitely give this chair a try considering its feature-rich catalog and brilliant appearance.

  • Multiple auto massage techniques
  • Eliminates chronic pain
  • SL-Track with 6 Wheels Roller System
  • Taller & Wider Size Accommodation
  • New 9 Auto Programs
  • No 3D massaging
  • No rollers for calves

6. OOTORI – Feature Rich Massage Chair

The illumination lanes on either side of the chair allow it to stand out from the rest of the rooms and provide a calm and quiet environment when used in a dim place at night.

Moreover, with the use of 4 rollers system, the chair delivers a soothing yet relaxing massage.

Furthermore, the yoga stretching system including kneading, shiatsu, padding renders great comfort to its users, where they experience a great stretching of the body.

Thus, with features like wireless Bluetooth system, auto body detection.

  • Zero Gravity Technique
  • Space Saving Design
  • Yoga Stretching System
  • 3D massage hands for soothing massages.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speakers attached
  • SL Double Track Technology
  • Limited L-Track facilities
  • No operating manual with the package

7. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Massage Chair

The massage chair from Relaxonchair packs in some of the most interesting and useful features in the market.

This is a very good product with a lot of improved functionalities required for rendering a good massaging experience.

The chair also operates with a proper blend of airbags and rollers to deliver a warm massaging experience to the arms, back and neck areas.

Moreover, the spinal decompression specialty of this product is its main USP, wherein the muscles around the spine are stretched for rendering a gentle and impactful massaging session.

Give a try to this product and enjoy its abundance of features.

  • Spinal decompression techniques
  • Three Stage Ultra Automatic Zero Gravity Multi-Function Massage Chair
  • Computerized Body Scan
  • Deep Tissue Massage & Full Body Stretching
  • Airbag Massage Technology
  • Sometimes the massaging experience can be painful
  • Only two massaging techniques

8. KTN Massage Chair

KTN has successfully delivered one of the best massage chairs with this model.

The model features in a set of 38 airbags that delivers super soothing massage to every corner of the body.

The presence of truly Ergonomic S-Track & Human Hand-Like Massage can serve massage to even neck and the back simultaneously.

This results in an ultimate soothing experience.

The three-stage zero gravity functionality renders incredibly effective therapeutic effects in the massaging session.

Holding a warranty period of 3 years and being approved bt FDA, this product is must buy one.

  • Truly Ergonomic S-Track & Human Hand-Like Massage
  • Lower Back Heating
  • Foot Rollers Massage
  • Zero Gravity Massage
  • 3 Levels of Speed, Strength, and Width
  • Full Body Air Compression
  • Limited colour variations
  • Comparatively expensive

9. Osaki OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This model of Osaki can shape a better choice among the customers as it brings the most sought zero gravity technology along with a completely feasible user manual.

Moreover, the same uses the full-body scanning 3D technology for delivering the overall soothing spine reflex.

Apart from this, the chair hits the bulls-eye with its numerous massaging technique functionality.

Now, the user can select any of the massaging techniques for receiving a worth remembering massage session.

You can also decide how long you want to rest on the chair.

This will require 5 minutes for the shortest relaxation schedule and up to 30 minutes can be the longer course.

The length of the session can only be adjusted using five minutes intervals.

Therefore, it can be said that you won’t be regretting after buying this masterpiece.

  • Very soothing zero gravity feature
  • Large display for better visibility
  • Arm Air Massagers
  • Auto Recline and Leg Extension
  • Wireless Controller
  • Calf & Foot Massage
  • Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze
  • Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote
  • Overall comfort with back massages seems to have been compromised

What Features Are Important To Consider When Buying a Massage Chair?

You might have something that you want specifically in your massage chair.

So, it’s good to know yourself the features you need to take care of while taking decision for the best massage chair.

1. Massage Intensity

The most decisive factor while buying a massaging chair can be nothing other than the intensity of the massage. It is to be noted that the devices with an adjustable intensity stand out coruscating in comparison to the ones that are debarred of such features. This is because the intensity of massaging largely varies from person to person.

2. Zero Gravity

For high-end models, the zero-gravity function is generally available. The massage chair can recline and put the body in a position to support its own weight, like zero gravity in space, when you use the app. It’s a good thing because the back can relax and improve the relaxation experience.

3. Rollers

Most massage chairs, typically the high-end, utilize rollers to make the touch fun and relaxing. Massage rollers are specifically built to realistically simulate hand gestures. Such rollers are gliding up, down, right and left behind, delivering a calming and relaxing massage. The movement of the rollers is very soothing and improves the motion of your spine.

4. Body scan technology

The body scan system will allow the chair to personalize the treatment for each individual user as the best feature currently available for massage chairs. The technology uses devices to track your spinal curvature and other physical aspects and adapts relaxation treatments for your particular structure.

5. Bluetooth

All high-end relaxation chair styles have Bluetooth interfaces included. These connectors enable the link to and pairing with Bluetooth-compatible streaming devices. You will listen directly through the speakers of your chair after the apps have been tuned to your favorite songs or podcasts.

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

The main objective of any massage chair is to imitate the action of a living masseur.

Most of these chairs mainly operate either by actions of rollers in them, by vibration or by the presence of airbags.

It is also said that the best of them include all of these mechanisms as a combo such that a complete massage experience can be delivered to the users.

When rollers are equipped with any massage chair, they replicate the action of the deep tissue of massage by mimicking the action of thumb pressing over the strained body parts.

Many chairs incorporate 6 or more rollers to reach every corner of the body for delivering the most relaxing massage ever.

Other hi-end functionality massage chairs including body scanning features, wherein infrared sensors are present to detect the exact massaging requirements of the body.

The sensors stimulate the microprocessor, which in turn initiates the desired massaging action required in that part of the body.

Why you need a Massage Chair?

1. Ultimate offer

What can be better than this if you are getting complete body massage without moving out of your residence or even without scheduling any appointments for the same? Moreover, owing to a massage chair not only fulfills the above-stated instances but also it can deliver almost kinds of massage at no extra cost with the press of a button only.

1. Super Relaxing

This is perhaps the most sought benefit of a chair as to how relaxing a massage chair is can only be understood by owning the same.

2. One time investment

It is quite obvious to have a large and grandeur bill for buying a massage chair. But, it to be noted that the overall expenses, which are supposed to incur in the long run by making visits to parlor will be much high than this one-time investment.

3. Massages to different Body parts

Massages to the lower back with heated technologies that keep the priority of massage chair lifted always. Along with this, they are capable of executing foot massages, muscle stretching and spine reflexes flamboyantly.

The Bottom Line:

It can be perceived that if someone is able to afford a massage chair then the same would never disappoint the owner in any case.

Moreover, the massage chairs can turn and shape as the need of today as the day to day life has gone under tremendous change with hectic schedules and cumbersome tasks.

We hope you have found your best massage chair from our best massage chair reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is a massage chair worth buying?

The short answer is, YES, you get amazing features in a massage chair to ease your hassle free life in just minutes. Plus, It saves the cost of massage parlour every single time.

Which is the Best Massage Chair worth Money?

The Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 3D Massage Chair is the best Rated massage chair by us as well as Amazon. This model is totally worth the money. Every necessary feature is installed in it.

What massage techniques do massage chairs come with?

Massage chairs usually comes with different massage technique options which users can opt for. The most commonly incorporated techniques are that of kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, rolling and air massage.

How often should one use a massage chair?

Although massage chairs promote healthy blood circulation and wholesome functioning of the body, excessive usage of any device leads to opposite results. One can use a massage chair for 15-20 minutes every day.

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