7 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs [2021]

Body pain and other subsequent issues are common among the majority of the
population worldwide. Neither the work pressure can be controlled, nor the possibility of these issues can be curtailed.

But with some practical measures, you can effectively relieve yourself from your painful body and have some ultimate relaxation.

We have written a detailed guide to discuss one of such measures in some detail.

The life of today’s generation remains busy always either by indulgence in household works or other employment sectors.

In this busy schedule, it becomes difficult for the people to give proper care to their health, and thus, with the passage of time, they get attacked by several health issues.

Especially body pain issues, which is caused by the majority of people all over the world, they cannot take any preventive measures to combat the problem.

Hence, here is the collection of 7 best Shiatsu massage chairs with which you can get complete relief from any of your body pain problems.

Our Pick Our Pick Real Relax 2020
  • Weight Limit:400 Pounds
  • Smart Control:Yes
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Most Recommended Most Recommended Medical Breakthrough 6 v4
  • Weight Limit:300 pounds
  • Smart Control:Yes
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  • Weight Limit:380 poundss
  • Smart Control:Yes
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KTN Shiatsu
  • Weight Limit:240 pounds
  • Smart Control:No
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Best Value for Money Best Value for Money RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus]
  • Weight Limit: 280 pounds
  • Smart Control:Yes
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Most Trusted Brand Most Trusted Brand Kahuna Superior SM-7300
  • Weight Limit:320 pounds
  • Smart Control:Yes
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R Rothania Ospirit Chair
  • Weight Limit:220 pounds
  • Smart Control:Yes
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1. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

best shiatsu massage chair

By seeing the increasing level of pain constraint among the people, this infinity fitness chair is characterized to give you all the pleasure and relaxation.

This fitness chair is very much helpful in making the joints more flexible, speeding up the intervention and recovery time of muscular strains, stimulating the lymphatic system by enhancing the capacity to fight with toxins, etc.

All the necessary features to reduce your pain and make you more productive.

It is available in 6.1-foot height and 400 pounds weight.

This latest infinity fitness chair has many advanced and updated features.

You can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity for audio play and light changing and 6 distinct auto modes through its 2021, O3 plus features.

With it, you don’t need to think about anything else as it gives you a complete massage of the lower back, arms, calves, feet, hip, shoulder, and foot.

Because of its one-button zero gravity, you will feel the virtual weightlessness with this massage equipment.

You can customize your massage therapy by remote access to the speed, strength, adjustments, etc. of the airbags and rollers.

Set the timer up to 30 min and start your massage treatment with this exclusive collection!

  • Individually adjustable airbags.
  • Advanced and improved technology.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is available for entertainment.
  • Best for patients with back, foot, or neck pain.
  • Easy and long-lasting measure.
  • Price may be expensive.
  • Absence of L-track system.
  • Rollers should be padded.

2. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Recliner 3D Massage Chair

It must be costly and difficult to look for professional masseuses to get massage services regularly.

But now, all you need to do is to sit back and relax on this all-new Medical breakthrough shiatsu massage chair.

It has several features that will give you eternal relaxation from your tiresome and painful body.

This massage chair provides several distinct types of massage therapies such as Ancient Roman Therapy, Japanese Shiatsu massage for neck and shoulder, Swedish air-cell therapy, Indonesian Deep Tissue Massage, Hawaiian Sleeping Massage, and many more.

For its awesome pain relieving features and acupuncture treatments designed by 25+ doctors, chiropractors, surgeons and pain specialists, this device is in high demand by all the people who are suffering from pain related problems.

Moreover, the device is also able to scan the body with clinical effects and accordingly position the rollers to massage.

The chair is developed by zero gravity, i.e., the weight of your body is evenly distributed to make you feel weightless while getting a massage.

It also ensures a deep relaxation through providing if soothing massage therapies and thus, promote your sleeping habits to a great extent.

  • Zero gravity to make you feel weightless while getting a massage.
  • Less expensive than getting a massage in spas or massage parlors.
  • Designed and recommended by physicians all over the world.
  • Customize the settings according to your needs.
  • Not found any

3. Smagreho MM350 Massage Chair

If you want to get a massage along with the entertainment of audio play and much more, then this massage recliner pressure Bluetooth chair can provide you with the same.

You will certainly get the ultimate relaxation from all your pain-related problems.

Today, everyone remains busy in their work- life, and because of this, pain in various parts of the body has become a common problem in any age group.

Hence, this massage chair is designed to give all the pleasure and relieve from your pain.

This device is designed with zero-gravity, Bluetooth connectivity, a fully customizable intensity setting, and many more.

With its zero gravity, it provides complete airbag body massage. The forward and backward rollers help to give you waist and backrest massage therapy with absolute ease. It has a built-in waist heater to give you heat massage.

The airbags are placed on various parts like arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks, feet, etc. and thereby remove tensions, muscular pain, fatigue, etc. from the body through deflating and inflating processes.

This massage chair is recommended by most of the doctors, physicians, to get relieved from the painful body and thereby develop mental relaxation.

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  • Truly affordable with all the advanced features for massage.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for audio play.
  • Adjustable massage intensity with 6 pre-set auto modes.
  • Can be used in bedroom, living room, or offices.
  • It doesn’t have a L-tract massage.
  • Doesn’t applicable for lower waist massage.

4. KTN Shiatsu 3D Massage Chair

If you want a massage treatment that can give you all the ease and relaxation of your pain, then this massage chair can be a perfect choice for you.

With all the latest features and advanced accommodations, this massage chair can effectively treat your pain problems and give a permanent solution for the same.

It not only worth your investment but also makes a permanent end to your search for your pain relief solutions.

This massage chair is supported by 8 massage rollers, and 34 airbags to give your full body relation.

With its zero-gravity feature, it sets the position for different body parts and to provide massage therapies thereby.

If you are looking for foot massage therapies, then also this massage chair suits the best for you.

The machine is designed with enhanced foot rollers to roll forward and backwards and thereby provide complete relaxation to the head to the toe.

The best part with this shiatsu massage chair is that you can customize the massage style according to your needs and adjust the speed accordingly.

This is the most cost-effective therapeutic treatment that has been made so far for the full body massage.

  • Most cost-effective massage chair.
  • Foot massage is also available along with full body massage therapy.
  • Complete customization is available.
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty.
  • Bluetooth audio play is not available.
  • Hard to accommodate anywhere because of the huge size.

5. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

In this world of upgrading technology, it is obvious to have a desire for advanced and high-featured devices.

Hence, we have to come up with this highly configured, redesigned, and advanced massage chair to give you relief from your yearlong body pain issues.

It provides you with massage solutions irrespective of the body parts.

Now, you don’t need to search here and there to get relief from your pain as with this massage chair; you can have the therapeutic treatment at your home itself.

We have redesigned this massage chair and upgraded with the latest technology. Hence, we have installed remote control in this device with which you can operate it by one hand and give firm relief to your body to reduce the pain.

This massage chair has 3 manual programs for targeted massages such as tapping, kneading and combo along with 3 distinct airbag intensity and massage control features.

With 3 separate stages, this device is perfectly designed to give you top quality massage solutions.

It also contains L-tracking buttock massage system that helps the rollers to glide from upper back to the entire body.

Moreover, the airbag massage technology is also uniquely designed
for this massage chair so that the roller can inflate or deflate the twist or stretch to different body parts such as lower back, shoulder, thighs and hips.

The device also gives a wide range of massage therapies from deep tissue massage to full-body stretching.

One can also get lower back heating with its 2 different heating pads for the lower back area and experience a new way of massage.

  • Resigned with a more stylish look and updated features.
  • L-tracking buttock massage system is available.
  • Designed with zero gravity.
  • Wide range of massage therapies is available.
  • A separate recliner for leg is not available.

6. Kahuna SM-7300 Superior Massage Chair

With our shiatsu massage chair reviews, this device comes in the foremost category for the pain relief program.

If anyone wants complete relaxation from his/her body pains, this massage chair effectively works for them.

Ranging from foot to all body massage, this device precise works with its unique massage techniques.

It is, of course, not possible for anyone to visit the massage spas or call for a masseuse for massage therapies regularly, especially after a day-long work.

But with this massage chair, you can get massage treatment whenever you want without the involvement of any hassle.

This device is available with SL track 6 wheels roller with which you can apply massage on all over your body.

The uniquely designed massage chair has the ability to roll through the spine to the neck and lower back as well.

It has a wider and taller size accommodations that you can buy according to your home space.

The equipment is designed with 9 distinct auto programs among which 5 are auto and 4 are specially added in this new version. With the zero-gravity feature, this machine adjusts its position to massage over different parts of the body based on their structural specifications.

This massage chair is upgraded with LCD remote and zipper leg extension covering specifications.

You can experience the new ways of massage up to 30 min without any additional botheration.

  • Available with the dynamic sport.
  • Progressive with top-performing massage technology.
  • Suitable for all body types, whether heavier or bigger bodily figures and weights.
  • LED light design is available.
  • The device can only be plugged into 110v wall receptacle.

7. R Rothania Ospirit Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

If you want innovation, quality and affordable massage option, then buying this massage chair can be an excellent option for you.

Pain problem has become widespread among people everywhere.

People try every possible way to get relief from this pain and thus go here and there in search of permanent solutions for the same.

Hence, with all the upgraded technologies, and fully customizable designs, we are presenting this outstanding shiatsu massage chair that will give an end to your search permanently.

This is not only cost-effective but made with great innovation works and top quality.

Having all the latest features, this massage chair works perfectly to give you relief from your yearlong body pain issues.

This massage chair is made with soft-grained synthetic leather with which it is easily mobile to the entire body and let you feel newer experience for massage.

It also has L tracking buttock massage system that will help the rollers to glide all over the body ranging from the upper back area till down the under the waist.

It comes with a comfortable small pillow on which you can rest your head and sleep while getting the massage treatment.

The airbag massage technology installed in the device helps to inflate or deflate separately to the body for smooth twisting and to stretch on lower back,
shoulders, thighs, hips, etc.

The device has calf and foot massager as well so that you can get complete relaxation from the entire body pain issues.

  • High quality and innovative design.
  • Applicable for entire body massage ranging from head to toe.
  • Value for money.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for audio play is not available.


Well, it must be much convenient and easy for you to get any of these massage chairs and take proper care to your health and become productive at your work.

Indeed, these are much cost-effective for you as compared to hiring professional masseuse or going to massage spas.

Now getting rid of body pain problems has become very easy as these massage chairs are available to serve you better solutions. Get one now!

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