FAVOLCANO Massage Chair Review [2021]

If you are looking for the FAVOLCANO Massage Chair Review, then you did come to the right place. I will be sharing some of the key features and a brief review of this massage chair.

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Weight400 pounds
  • S Track and 3D Robot Hands: The FAVOLCANO Shiatsu Massage Chair is solely designed with the latest S-Track body design and 3D Robot Hands inside of the backrest work with S-track moving from neck to hips, relax you from head to hip. Robot-hand rollers have up to 12 different massage techniques that you can enjoy with comfort. The Robot rollers can be adjusted with 3 different modes.
  • Zero gravity with the armrest-linkage system: Built with the latest techniques for a better understanding of the body, it comes with the Zero Gravity feature which enables you to be at the 180-degree position with just one click. Having a massage with zero Gravity not only takes the pain away but releases neck pressure and reduces heart load and brings an unprecedented massage experience.
  • Rocking Function and Yoga Stretch: With just one button, it can be switched to a rocking chair, which let it swing up and down very gently like a rocking chair. The Yoga mode stretches the body from every corner and will have you a relaxing yoga experience without actually stretching body the body.
  • Additional Key Features: FAVOLCANO Massage Chair has built-in Foot airbag and roller massagers which can relieve foot pain. The Footrest can be extended to a height limit of 6.1 feet, it can be great if you lie under this height limit. You have the controller to the intensities of the 3d roller speed, width, and airbag massage strength in your hand. You can adjust them accordingly. Here is a very special type of Built-in waist heater induced to promote blood circulation. It is Equipped with 2 Bluetooth speakers, listen to your favorite music when massage. The seat is 18 inches wide and the dimensions are 57.4″*28.7″*43.7″.

It comes with 1-Year Brand warranty and and though it will last longer due to its solid build.

Conclusion: FAVOLCANO Massage Chair

It is clear that this massage chair has all the features and latest functions equipped right in it at a great price. Many people have already purchased it and are so happy with their purchase decision. You can check out all the reviews here. We highly recommend this massage chair if you are looking for a much affordable and feature-rich massage chair.

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