FR-6KSL Massage Chair Review [2021]

There are lots of brands out there putting their massage chairs in the market for sale. FR-6KSL Massage Chair is no different from them. In this busy day time, we need something to rest our body on and get relaxation throughout our free time. Massage Chair not only makes you relax, additionally, but it also improves your health as well. Today, we are going to look in detail about the FR-6KSL Massage Chair Review.

So, let’s get straight into it

Forever Rest Massage Chair Features

FR-6KSL Massage Chair Review
BrandForever Rest
Weight183 lbs
ColorsDark Brown, Beige, Black
  • SL-TRACK MASSAGE DESIGN FRAME: The all-new FR-6KSL Massage Chair is designed with the all-new SL- Track Frame Design which will enable you to have rest to shoulders, foot, neck, and back without any compromise in comfortability. Equipped with the latest technology hardware, it comes with a 3D body Scan mechanism, thus taking the most accurate size, width and let it convert to a perfect fit for your body.

  • FULL BODY AIRBAG SYSTEM: Airbags are fitted into the Shoulders, arms, calves, and feet area. Multi- Airbag System will help alleviate the blood to your heart thanks to this your muscles will be more oxygenated. Having the freedom to customize the intensity of airbags accordingly, makes life easier. The Calves area is fitted with 12 Airbags and the Foot area is fitted with 20 airbags.
  • TRUE ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR: It is built with the latest technology throughout in mind. With just one click, the massage chair will recline at 180 degrees (Zero Gravity position) and will take the pain away from the spine. This Zero Gravity Position makes your body feel weightlessness. Smart Remote-Control will allow you to choose from 3 languages available English, Chinese or Korean.
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: the Bluetooth music option is very easy to use. There was no need to download an app or set anything up other than turning blue-tooth “On”. Built-in timer, will save the electricity for you by switching off the chair automatically if you fall asleep. The rollers are heaven. You can adjust the intensity, and if it’s still too much, you can easily add a towel, etc. to give ourselves a little more padding. One of the most amazing features of this forever rest massage chair is that it has a heat back which will ultimately take your pain away and it feels so good taking a heated massage.

Conclusion: FR-6KSL Massage Chair

It comes with a 5 Year Warranty on Frame and 3 Year warranty on all electronic parts and airbags which is a great deal as the brand itself is giving long durability of the product. We highly recommend FR-6KSL Massage Chair.

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