8 Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews [2021]

The Infinity Massage chairs are playing a leading role in the market for the users to improve the quality of life. 

The chairs manufactured by Infinity are extremely durable and offer the best massage services at your doorstep.

However, when buying the infinity massage chair, you should be aware of the top-rated models along with their pros and cons.

Here are the top 8 infinity massage chairs reviews to provide you the wonderful relaxing experience with their features and qualities.





Infinity Evolution

Infinity Dynasty

Infinity IT-8500 X3

Infinity Riage X3

Infinity Altera

Infinity Genesis

Infinity Prelude

Infinity Aura

1. Infinity Evolution Massage Chair

infinity massage chair

The Infinity Evolution Massage Chair is a popular chair that offers all the massage benefits at your home.

The infinity massage chair is equipped with highly advanced features that allow users to relax.

For experiencing a great massage experience, the infinity massage chair has 49″ L-track design that reaches from neck and shoulders and targets all core tension prone areas.

Moreover, the chair has also calf rollers that ensure the ideal oscillation to keep your calves relaxed.  

Another best thing about this massage chair is its intelligent voice control which allows you to start or stop the massage chair.

Also, you can give commands for changing the massage modes easily. Its 3D/4D features let you adjust the positions and speed as per your needs.

Users can also control the heating mechanism and increase the heating temperature to get the desired muscle relief.

The chair contains an inbuilt music system which helps you to seamlessly play their favorite relaxing tunes.

This IT Evolution Model is amazingly quiet when you use it and even appeals to more lifestyles.

To give you more memory relaxation, it has also two memory functions and the benefit of this function is to pick the last body massage you have done.

  • An Intelligent voice control
  • Blue tooth speakers
  • 3D/4D Massage technology
  • 49" L-track design
  • Improve the range of movements   
  • Airbag compression therapy
  • Compatible in Apple & Android apps
  • It’s quite Expensive

2. Infinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair

Built with the latest technology, the Infinity Dynasty 4D massage chair is a perfect blend of convenience and luxury. 

You can enjoy the perfect deal of comfort and relax for a long period.

No matter which body part you want to heal or relax, Infinity Dynasty is here to give comfort. 

The inbuilt foot roller by the professionals helps to eliminate foot fatigue with the field of reflexology.

It has also zero gravity feature due to which you can feel weightless when the chair elevates your feet to balance your body. 

Bluetooth speakers along with the onboard nature sound embedded in this massage chair are what make it unique.

Moreover, those who want to personalize their body massage routine can customize it through its program features. 

The chair comes with the heating functionality as well.

Due to this, you can enjoy the gentle heating while massaging.

Moreover, it has also a remote control system that gives instructions for following different treatment and healing therapies.

And can also set massage timers whenever you feel to do. 

Apart from its advanced features, the infinity massage chair comes with a minimalist body so that it shall not consume a lot of space in your room.

So, whether you are looking for rest, sleep, working relief, or even refresh your mood, the infinity massage chair is a one-stop solution.

  • Voice control command
  • 4D Back Massage
  • Joystick for quick control
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Triple roller
  • Inbuilt massage programs
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Don’t have a scanning system

3. Infinity IT-8500 X3 – Our Pick

Integrated with a vast range of upgraded massage programs, it is one of the frequently purchased Infinity massage chairs.

One of the distinguishing features is its controllable heating mechanism.

Once you gently start giving heat to your body through massage, you can gradually increase its temperature without shocking the body.

The Infinity IT-8500 X3 Massage Chair has unique 3D technology which allows users to make adjustments for a different type of massages as their body needs.

Highly recommended for the patients who are suffering from back pain.

It consists of a unique arrangement of 8 airbags that can provide a good spinal stretch and can also be adjustable to customize your massage.

With the 6 sole massagers, you can enjoy the foot relaxation, which ultimately provides you relief from stress and tiredness.

Further, if you are looking to control the massage choices, Infinity IT-8500 X3 massage chair, then it can be controlled by a small-sized remote. Due to its Bluetooth compatibility, you can enjoy your favorite music.

Amazingly, if you are facing any stress in your shoulder area, then the chair’s upper body sensors will suggest the relief remedies.

Its foot and neck massage system is superior in comparison to other massage chairs.

  • Good for patients suffering from back pain
  • In-Built music system
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Extendable ottoman
  • Six different massage choices
  • Automated 3D Body Scan Technology
  • No calf heat

4. Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair

Premium features and quality of massage of Infinity Riage X3 Massage Chair are what going to compel you to buy this infinity massage chair.

This massage chair is an excellent source to relieve stress and neck, foot or shoulder pain.

At the most affordable price, Infinity Riage is a high-end machine to get relief from the chronic pains.

The Infinity Riage has an L-Track system inbuilt which supports the vertically and horizontally massage to the whole body.

Further, to target the spine stretch, the natural S-Curve delivers the most comfortable massage and promote spinal rejuvenation.

Another best feature loved by the users is its zero gravity. The purpose of zero gravity is to spread your body weight so that you shall not face the heavyweight during the massage.

Coming to the therapy techniques, The Infinity Riage X3 offers many therapy techniques like Shiatsu, Knocking, rubbing, tapping, etc. So, you can choose the desired therapy for your body to get a smoother massage.

Try to manipulate the features by using your Apple and Android app from your smartphones. Just close your eyes and experience the best relaxation.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Body scan system
  • Six massage techniques
  • Heat Therapy
  • Zero gravity
  • Manual Massage Control systems
  • Easy to use and user-friendly
  • No 3D Massage Technology
  • No LCD pedestal remote

5. Infinity Altera Massage Chair

Looking for ultimate relaxation or just to get rid of the back pains, Infinity Altera Massage Chair is one of the topmost choices among the users.

This infinity massage chair is recommended for users ranging the height from 4’9 to 6’2.

The Infinity Altera is already pre-packed with all advanced and unique features like different massage techniques, two zero gravity positions, L-Track, Spinal Correction & Waist Twist and many more.

Considering the L-shapes track, it helps to provide the deep tissue massage from the neck to the lower body.

It ensures to target all the tenses areas of the body and provide relief. The model has also a Lumbar heat feature.

To control and operate this infinity massage chair, it has Bluetooth connectivity and also the mobile app which is appropriate for Apple and Android devices.

One of the amazing features you are going to look about this massage chair is its 3D Body scan.

All you need to just lay down on the chair and let the chair scans your body and adjust the roller positions.

At the most economical price, Infinity offers a variety of massaging options like Tapping, Rubbing, Knocking, etc.

Furthermore, you can activate the required airbags options like Back, Arms, Shoulders, Feet, Waist, etc.

You are going to enjoy a world-class experience while using it.

  • Efficient L-Track system
  • 3D Body scan
  • Calf heat
  • Temperature control system
  • User-friendly controlle
  • Recommended users up to the height of 6’2 only

6. Infinity Genesis Massage Chair

The infinity Genesis Massage Chair is the best selling massage chair included all the required features to relax you at home.

The best thing about this chair is its modern design and room adjustability.

Whether you are facing neck pain or shoulder pain, Infinity Genesis is here to give you a high level of comfort.

How about listening to your favorite tunes and music while getting a massage? You just can’t miss this top world feeling.

And yes, the Infinity massage chair has this Bluetooth connectivity feature as well to enjoy music at your fingertips.

The chair has automated pre-designed massage techniques which include knocking, tapping, rhythm, sync, kneading, etc. Moreover, its L-track spans from your upper body starting neck to down, it delivers the most satisfying massage ever at home and whenever you need it.

If you are in the mood of some personalized massage, try its high adjustable shoulder airbags and optimal body scanning technology.

The purpose of airbags is to improve the blood flow in the damaged tissues.

Although it is a bit expensive the feature of body scanning technology is really effective that identifies and focuses on the body pain areas to deliver the massage for alleviating the pain.

With the aim to provide comfort and relaxation, Infinity Genesis is perfect for tired people.

  • Zero gravity massage chair
  • Embedded Bluetooth technology
  • L-Track shape
  • USB Charging point
  • Perfect for users up to height 6”4’
  • No heating rollers

7. Infinity Prelude Massage Chair

Whether you are looking massage chair for your home, office, or fitness center, the Infinity prelude Massage chair is suitable for every center.

You can easily adjust the massage intensity and speed to enjoy a relaxing massage.

This massage chair’s aim is to increase flexibility, reduce cramps and headaches to regain your energy for full-day operations.

The lumber heat chair feature helps to provide sensations that ultimately loosen your body muscles so that you get a prepared body for the massage.

Users can also choose a deep tissue massage for their feet with its rolling foot massagers.

These foot massagers are designed to provide your thumb and finger relief from the tiredness.

Moreover, its calf air massage tool is here for your lower legs and ankles.

The chair consists of a user-friendly controller which allows the users to control the chair effectively without any difficulty.

The zero gravity positioning of this chair does not only help to improve your body postures but also to improve your blood flow within vertebrae.

All you need to do is customize your massage, sit back and relax in zero gravity mode. Enjoy the exceptional massage experience with sleek style.

  • Very Comfortable
  • Much Affordable
  • Many customized options
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Zero Gravity
  • No Cons yet

8. Infinity Aura Massage Chair – Budget Pick

The Infinity Aura Massage chair comes with a cheap price tag. Cheap doesn’t mean to have lower quality, but sometimes such products are highly reliable with all rounded qualities.

The infinity Aura massage chair has all the features which you must experience in person massage to eliminate stress, pain, and tiredness.

The best thing about this massage chair is its automated massage timer to fix the time whenever you are free to relax.

This chair is equipped with the foot roller, lumbar heat and body scan techniques to target the affected area and apply the proper massage.

Once the chair starts massaging, you have also the access to change the current massage mode easily with the help of a voice command device.

Considering the L-shapes track, it helps to provide the deep tissue massage from the neck to the lower body.

It ensures to target all the stressed areas of the body and provide instant relief.

So, overall it targets upper, lower back and the lower body.

The chair is designed to place anywhere in the room and consumes less space.

  • Less space-consuming
  • Mechanical Foot massager
  • Six massage programs
  • Voice control command
  • Zero gravity
  • 38 Airbags
  • Not much automatic customizations

Why infinity massage chairs?

There is no doubt that in our hectic and stressful schedules, we are not able to give time to our body and keep ignoring the internal aches.

Now, to give more emphasis on our wellness, advanced technology has come up with the infinity massage chairs to lead to a higher quality of life and well being.

Consistently delivering the unbeatable services in the market from the last 10 years, Infinity Massage chairs not only ensure the premium quality but also helping people to change physical and mental lifestyles.

A tired person after office work looking to relax and improve his body posture, a sports person searching to boost up their speed or even the chronic pain patient suffering from any body parts acne, anxiety or stress, Infinity massage chair is the one-stop destination for recovery.

So, to keep your body in proper shape and provide the maximum relaxation focused massage, infinity massage chairs are what you need.

Some of the physical and mental benefits of massage chairs are:

  • Relief from back pain
  • Improve your tired mood
  • Reduce stress and Anxiety
  • Reduce headache
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Maintain flexibility and improve body posture

Massage chairs are no longer the luxurious product now although it has become essential in our day to day life.

The Bottom Line:

Infinity massage chairs are the fastest growing massage chairs to get all comforts at your doorstep.

Infinity massage chairs are a perfect solution for fitness and wellness at home even at your busy hectic schedule.

These massage chairs could be a little expensive but the benefits are worthy to make an addition.

So, instead of waiting for some ideal time and wait to book an appointment with the masseuse why not just sit in the massage chair and get all benefits at home?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Infinity Massage chairs any Good?

    Infinity Massage chairs are the most Popular Massage chairs in the market. They are Expensive but worth the money. The Infinity IT-8500 X3 model is Our Recommended massage chair.

  2. How much does an Infinity Massage Chair Cost?

    No doubt, that Infinity Massage chairs are expensive. But, they are One-time investment and worth the money. The Pricing starts from $1000 and goes upto $12,000.

  3. Where are Infinity Massage Chairs Made?

    Parts are manufactured in China, but much of the massage chairs assembly takes place in United States for quality controlled purposes.

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