Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews – Top Picks of 2021

Going to the massage parlor or for a body spa is not always possible, then sitting over the zero gravity massage chair is worth beneficial.

Such calming massage chairs are equipped with advancement and the latest technology to get professional massage techniques within a few minutes.

Now you can easily enjoy the comforting and relaxing massage at home.

These kinds of chairs are specially designed to ease the body.

These zero gravity Massage chairs to relax the body are just one-time investment as saving money, time, and efforts over professional therapists services.

We will highlight the latest and Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews.

We will also let you know with well noted and considerable points for help while purchasing such a Massage chair.



Real Relax 2020

Real Relax Zero Gravity

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4

Ootori SL-Track 3D Robert 


Kahuna LM-6800

Shiatsu UL Zero Gravity

1. Real Relax 2020 – Our Pick

best zero gravity massage chair

While opting for a reliable zero gravity massage chair, Real Relax Massage Chair is worthy and value for money to consider.

Some great features like LED light, Bluetooth connectivity are installed withing the chair that gives great versatility.

Precisely, this zero gravity relaxing chair comes with six different auto modes that make it more productive and functional.

It gives supreme relaxation to the whole body, as installed with eight massage neck back rollers, 50 airbags, lower back heating, and foot roller massager.

The full body massage gives the maximum of comfort to shoulders, foot, hands, calves, hips, back, neck.

Moreover, it is a zero gravity massage chair, so let you feel weightless completely.

This is a highly customized massage chair that gives the user a choice to set rollers, airbags, massage speed, and movement.

You can easily assemble this zero gravity massage chair, within 30-minutes or even less.

The perfect size and weight make it more mobile to place anywhere and store as well. Moreover, It lies within the budget.

This is our Recommendation for Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

  • Advanced as packed with Bluetooth audio play, LED lights, and 6-auto modes.
  • It is installed with one zero-gravity button that adds comforting power.
  • A full body massage chair that comes with the personalized setting of rollers, and airbags.
  • Relax your body with 3 level setting, adjustable speed, and up-down movement.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • No Cons yet

2. Real Relax Zero Gravity – Best Budget Massage Chair

zero gravity massage chair reviews

You can trust this Zero Gravity Massage Chair, which gives your complete body relaxation.

Precisely the advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, LED light makes it a more powerful Shiatsu Recliner massage chair.

While scrolling for Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews, don’t miss a chance to look for this particular real relax chair.

This is available in the double shade of Blue and Khaki, which relieves pain and stress from the body.

However, the installation of 8 massage rollers for neck, back waist, and 50 airbags to relieve shoulders, arms, hips calves, and foot offers full relaxation.

The thoughtful one-button zero gravity design offers calmness and weightless feels.

You can easily customize this zero gravity Shiatsu chair for more ease and peace of mind and body.

The remote set rollers, airbags massagers, six auto modes, and 3-level speed gives you strengthen relaxation to rest the body.

Moreover, it comes with two boxes that enable easy assembling of the chair within 30-minutes.

The perfection of dimension and weight gives easy portability and storage to relax anytime inside your home.

  • Designed with six auto modes, 3-level speeds, LED light, and Bluetooth audio speakers.
  • It is installed with eight massagers and 50 airbags for full-body pain relief.
  • One-button zero gravity mode provides the feel of weightlessness.
  • It is a Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair that relaxes spirit and body.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Zero gravity mode gives legs constant pressure, which fails the relaxation at feet.

3. Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 – Best Expensive Chair

Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair delivers Shiatsu massage relief as well.

In the list of Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews, this particular massage chair provides world-class relief to the body.

In addition to 3D Japanese Shiatsu massage therapy, the chair also designed with Ancient Roman Therapy, Turkish Treatment, Ancient Egyptian Massage, Greek Stress Relief, and Deep Tissue Therapy.

With the zero gravity full body massage chair, you can easily release the muscle cramps with Yoga Stretching, Swedish Air-cell Therapy.

The chair even inherits the supreme power of Hawaiian Sleeping Massage for complete body relaxation.

The chair is even specialized with the doctor-based design for better chiropractors’ pain relief.

It also enables you with a virtual feeling of being weightless with in-depth body relaxation and body calm comforts.

Precisely the advanced innovations of the 3D-L Track give a deep sense of massage to every inch of the body.

  • Delivers different world-class massage therapies.
  • Entirely a doctor-based full body massage chair.
  • Known for its 3D L-Track deep sense relaxation.
  • It is installed with advanced features and a Reflexology foot massage system.
  • A bit noisy

4. Ootori SL-Track 3D Robert

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Ootori brand, which is innovative and advanced.

The massage chair gives you full-body relaxation with the 3 levels flexible angle movement.

The chair is really amazing that helps in natural blood stimulation and reduces the risk of heart pressure and strokes.

Moreover, the installation of airbags, arm linkage adds more comforting power to the chair.

Perfect ergonomic design gives the advantage to adjust according to the body shape that traces every body part to relieve pain and muscle cramps.

Ootori Zero Gravity Massage Chair comes with SL-3D Robert Technology, which equally massages every inch of the body.

The complete relaxation comes with its in-built Air Massage and Thai Massage modes.

For mental peace and calmness, the chair is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, that gives easy compatibility with smart devices.

While relaxing on the chair, you can enjoy and stretch all pain with a deep sense of ease.

The electric foot massager, yoga stretching mode, and shiatsu massage add more versatility for the complete relaxation of the body.

This zero gravity chair by ootori comes with 3- year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

That basically gives easy repair and replacement support within the more expendable warranty period.

  • Complete body massage chair to relax shoulders, back, neck, hands, foot, waist, and legs.
  • Delivers zero gravity mode with Thai massage, yoga stretches, air massage, and shiatsu therapy.
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity impacts customized connecting with the music.
  • Easily compatible with smart interfaced devices, both iOS, and Android.
  • Inherits 3 level massage speed and four auto massage modes, super adjustable settings, heating rollers.
  • It comes with a super saving design that gives perfect storage efficiency.
  • No Cons yet

5. Shiatsu Massage Chair

You can simply enjoy Shiatsu relaxation on this Zero Gravity Massage Chair. The full body massage gives complete calmness and pain relief with a deep sense of a virtual weightless body.

It even helps in reducing the risk of heart pressure after full reclines.

With this zero-gravity chair, you can explore professional massage therapy at home while playing your customized playlist.

The airbags and rollers enable full body massage, including pain relief to shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and foot. For the best comfort, while reclining, the ergonomic design of the massage chair plays a vital role.

The chair gives you efficiency in both home and office as comes with lower back heating and eight massage rollers.

Precisely the chair is more comfortable to assemble and even inherits three boxes and a manual guide.

  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity players.
  • It is installed with one-button for zero gravity mode, which keeps a deep sense of weightless virtuality.
  • Simple to assemble and use in both home and office.
  • Can relief arms, legs, foot, neck, shoulders.
  • Packed with lower pack heating mode, eight massage rollers, with adjustable speed features.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Installation is a significant screw issue.

6. Kahuna LM-6800 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Kahuna chair is the complete specialist for professional pain relief as massage as comes with features like three stages, six different auto massage programs, etc.

It even delivers complete body recliner yoga and heat therapy.

This L-track massage system chair is designed with double layer shoulder, extra foot padding, a remote control holder, etc.

Within the best warranty services, this massage chair by Kahuna comes with foot rollers, that is easy to detach and clean.

  • Installed with yoga and S-Chiro heating therapy.
  • It comes with 3-level stages, 6-different auto modes to relax the full body.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble while cleaning and washing.
  • Relief body cramps and muscle pain from back, neck, shoulders, foot, legs, arms, and waist.
  • Super space-saving technology with five manual massage techniques.
  • Assembling can be a little confusing

7. Shiatsu UL Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The single pressing of zero buttons will take you to the deep sense of weightless virtuosity.

Moreover, the installation smart features like 3 level auto programs, that give complete body massage.

It comes with a full pain relief gravity massage that stretches body cramps with calm vibrating mode.

Advanced air massage, heat therapy, and electric Shiatsu can relax the body at home or office.

The in-built sensors will minimize the strain of back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms, etc.

Within the functional diversity, such as dual foot rollers, adjustable speed, and 32 airbags, relaxes 14 massage points together.

The super saving and modern design give you more efficient while placing, using, and storing.

You even can easily mobile this Zero Gravity Massage Chair in the living room, balcony, etc.

It is a complete, satisfying chair, and the brand guarantees a 100% refund policy.

  • It helps in reducing strain from muscles that relax the body.
  • Installed zero gravity mode, Shiatsu, and heat therapy releases full body massage.
  • Inbuilt functional diversity, such as 3 level auto massage mode, makes it worth good.
  • Air massage bags and footrest rollers deliver rest to shoulders, neck, waist, arms, legs, etc.
  • It comes with space-saving technology that makes it ideal for home and office to relax anytime.
  • It lacks padding in the seat bottom and headrest.

Features to Consider While Looking for Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Our Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews list has ended and now To stop the struggles while purchasing the best Zero Gravity Massage Chair, we will help you with possible points to consider.

We will be detailing about the reliable parameters that make a wise investment to get Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

So, let’s dive right in

1. Massage Power

As these are the massage power, then it is obvious to take care of the massage power as a considerable aspect. To get maximum body relaxation, the perfect intensity adjustable massage chair is quite preferable.

2. Massage Rollers

Most of the Zero Gravity Massage Chairs are designed with excellent massage rollers that help in complete relaxation. It even enables you perfect blood stimulation with deep sense soothing. The massage chairs are thoughtfully packed with all side massage rollers to relax muscle cramps.

3. Heat and Air Massage

You just can not deny this point while selecting the Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair for yourself and your family. To enjoy the worth of comfort and relaxation from muscle stress, then get a massage chair with heated pads or infrared rollers.

4. Versatile Body Scan Technology

To get rid of sensitive body stress and pain, get a chair that perfectly adjusts according to the body structure and shape. It should have an ideal customize efficiency to comfort everybody inch.

5. Airbags Compression Massage

Installation of the significant number of airbags in the massage chair will enhance the comfort experience and relaxing power as well. The airbags in these perfectly designed massage chair will equally release pain and stress from different body parts. It will let the body with compression and decompression aspects that massage muscles of shoulders, arms, legs, hands, waits, neck, and more.

6. Vibration Massager Affect

To get a deep sense of relief and relaxation, get a massage chair that is designed with vibration mode to comfort buttocks and legs.

7. Zero Gravity

This the major point that is end-to-end needed in any quality performing massage chair. It gives virtuality and a deep sense of being weightless and light while releasing muscle cramps and pain. The zero-gravity mode of the chair enhances the power and experience to get full-body relaxation.

8. Other Major Features

Choosing a massage chair with all high-end features is really difficult. But you should also take of the measures to get worth of relaxing from pain.

It should have 3D massage modes, simple recline functions, spinal stretch specification too.

The inheritance of muscle stretch massage therapy mode with acupuncture detection, foot, head, neck, hip, and waist massage features also.

The massage chair should also have a manual controlling system, predefine massage programs, LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity as significant.

Never invest in a massage chair that fails to have advanced features within easy accessibility, silent pro massage operations.

Get a chair that even designed with quality caster wheels to enhance the power of portability from one place to another at home or office.

Moreover, different massage therapies such as Shiatsu, yoga, Thai, etc. are also the add on feature that can not be left behind.


Finding a perfect massage chair is a bit difficult, but we have reviewed some of the best zero gravity massage chairs to make it easy for you to get it delivered to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Which is the Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair as Recommended by us is the Real Relax 2020 as it is highly affordable and so far feoffers the top notch specifications as needed.

Are zero gravity chairs good for back?

It gives virtuality and a deep sense of being weightless and light while releasing muscle cramps and pain. The zero-gravity mode of the chair enhances the power and experience to get full-body relaxation.

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